About Me
      My name is LeRoy Randall III, originally from Detroit Michigan. I relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina upon retirement from 20 years active duty service with the Marine Corps. About 8 years prior to my retirement, I was awakened to my calling of becoming a Chef. I have always mentored young Marines in my charge as they seperated from active duty with the knowledge that, once you discover what it is you love to do, persue that to make a living and you'll never work a day.
      I have worked in the food service industry for over 7 years branching  out on my own as a Personal Chef starting September 2015.
       My skills have been have been know by my mother much earlier than I realized. Growing up, my mothers philosophy to me was that; a capable man no matter how successful should never have to rely on a woman to feed him. I took that to mean that a man is not a man unless he can fully take care of himself, otherwise he's still just a boy pretending to be a man. My skills are a natural talent that I have taken steps to refine by attending "Johnson and Wales University" School of Cullinary Arts. During my senior year, I participated in the study abroad program. My program of choice was, "The Peruvian Experience". The program was hosted by the top culinary school in Peru, "Universidad San Ignacio De Loyola". There I was exposed to training with experts in the art of fusion cuisine. Education is one thing but exposure to various techniques and ingredients fuel creative thinking. I've spent 15 plus years in Japan, and more than a years exposure to Thai cuisine. Italian cuisine has always been a favorite of which I made sure to have in my tool box of skills. I pride myself with the desire and ability to be great at any cuisine I prepare.
       I am qualified to prepare just about any cuisine that exists. Why, because I am, and will always be, a student of the culinary arts. I have graduated from Johnson and Wales University with an "Associate in Applied Science"  "Culinary Arts" to become a chef, and a "Bachelor of Science" "Culinary Arts and Food Service Management" to become an entrepreneur in the food service industry. I accomplished both with the honor grad status "Magna Cum Laude". I have worked in 5 star hotels and restaurants, and have been fortunate enough to have served professional athletes, celebrities, and high ranking government officials gaining praise for my work from them all. I have also planned and executed a function serving 1700 people successfully and received a standing ovation for the service provide by the team I put together to accomplish the task.
       Chef Roy's Creations "Personal Chef" services are available withing a 30 mile radius of Charlotte City Center. Any request for service outside this radius will be considered on a case by case basis
       My mission is to build a successful and profitable business with a proven reputation for providing the highest standards in quality, hospitality, and cuisine.
       Once you experience my professionalism and cuisine, your expectations will be acceptionally esceeded and I look forward to being your Personal Chef of choice.